Bad Actors and Election Interference are Mentioned in the Media. Is My Vote Safe from Outside Interference or Bad Actors?

Votes cast on Ulster County voting systems are protected from interference and there are numerous ballot reconciliation processes that are undertaken to ensure that your vote is protected.  Before any election event extensive pre testing of the voting system occurs.  After each election a hand count audit is conducted with a random sample of 3% of voting systems to determine that the paper ballots match the figures reported on the tape.  No voting systems are connected to the internet to allow for vote tally manipulation and security seals lock essential components of the system.  All paper ballots must be accounted for by election inspectors and reconciled at the end of each election event before an election can be officially certified. Voters are invited to observe the programming, testing and auditing process of all voting systems; interested persons should contact the Board of Elections to get more information.