Candidate Information

The following information is provided as a resource to candidates, if you have any questions please call our office at 845-334-5470.

Please visit the State Board of Elections website for more information on State and Federal office.

2021 Designating Petition Filings

2021 Independent Petition Filings

Starting Tuesday, May 18 and ending Tuesday, May 25 candidates seeking to run on a Independent line for public office which require petitions to be filed with the Ulster County Board of Elections will be posted in this location. A report will be generated listing the candidates name, name of independent body, title of office being sought, number of pages and signatures submitted.

We encourage filers to submit their petitions in person, rather than through the mail, but if mailing please refer to the guidelines at the top of this page for details. We require all individuals visiting the Board of Elections to wear a mask and abide by social distancing requirements posted in our office. If you have any questions you may call the Board of Elections at 845-334-5470 or email at

Once a petition is filed it is subject to a public records request. To request a copy of a petition that is filed please submit a FOIL Request Form which can be submitted in person or by emailing

Petitions are subject to an objection process detailed in Election Law 6204.1. In order to simplify this process the Ulster County Board of Elections has produced a sample General Objection Form as well as a sample Specific Objection Form. Qualified objectors are invited to make use of these forms but if they choose to submit their objections using a different format that is permissible:

2021 Caucus Notice Filings

Getting on the Ballot

Campaign Finance

Effective January 1st, 2020 all candidates must file directly with the New York State Board of Elections.