What Does Signing a Political Petition Mean?

There are two ways for a candidate to appear on your November General Election ballot. Candidates may circulate a petition that must be signed by registered members of the political party that they are seeking to represent in the fall contest. By signing a political petition, you are
authorizing that candidate or group of candidates to appear on the ballot for that political contest. There are three types of petitions you may be asked to sign. Designating Petitions are for members of a party to “designate” a candidate of slate of candidates. Opportunity to Ballot petitions, which simply state the office, but no named candidate and allows members of the party to have the “Opportunity” to write in the name of a candidate for the named political office. Finally, Independent Petitions are when a candidate or team of candidates choose to create a one-time political party for the purposes of appearing on the November ballot. For example, “Friends of Hamlet XYZ” or “People for Green Trees.”