I Voted Sticker Contest

Commissioners Ashley Dittus and John Quigley are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2nd Annual Ulster Votes I Voted Sticker Contest is Hudson Rowan.

Below you will find the finalists for our 2nd Annual Ulster Votes I Voted Sticker Contest. During the month of July, we have an opportunity to select your favorite “I voted” logo. The winning design will be distributed to voters who participate in the November 8, 2022 General Election across the county. We want to thank all of the students who contributed to this project – there were many amazing and unique designs! We are grateful to everyone that helped shape this project.

This year, given the August 23rd Elections we will be distributing the 5 runner up stickers to those that come out and vote. Preserving the winning sticker for November 8th!

I Voted Sticker Contest Ended

  • Wendy Stewart, 14 years old, Marbletown
    3% 7.4k / 243k
  • Shafil Sabbir, 18 years old, Rochester
    0% 1.3k / 243k
  • Phoebe Stewart, 13 years old, Marbletown
    0% 1.5k / 243k
  • Melissa, 15 years old, Gardiner
    0% 1.8k / 243k
  • Kaden Bredberg, 18 years old, New Paltz
    1% 2.5k / 243k
  • Hudson Rowan, 14 years old, Marbletown
    93% 228.2k / 243k