Student Voting Resources/Civics Education
Fun and fact-filled activities, games, puzzles and more! Don’t miss out on all the fun stuff inside!
A downloadable activity booklet for kids created by the Ulster County Board of Elections and the Ulster County Clerk’s Records Management program

Suggested for grades 1-5.

2nd Annual Ulster County “I Voted” Sticker Contest

Calling all student artists and graphic designers!

I Voted stickers are a popular way of showing your civic pride and reminding neighbors to vote. Any young person age 13-18 that is a resident of Ulster County can participate. Tens of thousands of Ulster County voters will be sporting the winning design this November. Download the details here. See below for more about our 2021 winner.

2021 “I Voted” Contest Winner:
Giuliana DiBenedetto of New Paltz High School

Congratulations Giuliana DiBenedetto

Winner of the 2021 #Ulster Votes “I Voted” Sticker Contest

Websites for Students/Teachers:

Rock the Vote

Smithsonian Online: The Machinery of Democracy

Kids Voting USA

Resources for College Students:

Ulster County College Student Guide to Voting

Best Practices Student Registration Drive

Student Registration Details